Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Being on a mission with your husband's the BEST!

 Life in BRAZIL

Bruce and I had a good laugh this morning.  Yesterday I stayed home all day because I had to shop for food and do some cooking. I was going to have the Stake Presidents family over for dinner on the Thursday, then we were going to have 17 missionaries coming for a going away dinner/temple on the Friday, and we had the Branch President and his family coming for the weekend and.  So I had a TON of cooking to do. Leonora our maid helped me in the kitchen all day.  We had a good time even though conversation is a bit difficult.  The next morning she was talking to Bruce after his run and told him that she had a great time with me yesterday.  She then added with great surprise in her voice, "and she's intelligent"! Well after three months of being in Brazil she discovered that I do have a brain some where in that head of mine :)  So now it is the joke around the house that if I have a good idea...we joke and say "well you are intelligent :)"  I guess if you don't have that much to say (in Portuguese) people think you don't have much up top. 

This past month has been busy...busy ...busy!  We had two full weeks of interviews.... 8 zone conferences, missionaries coming and going, Mission President conference ...along with all the other fun things we get to do in the Campinas Brazil Mission.  Here's some pics of some of our missionaries...

 Sis Costa was one of our missionaries that just finished her mission...we have been missing her a lot and then we bumped into to her 100's of miles away at the Recife Temple during our Mission Presidents conference... :)

Here's another COOL thing I have found in Brazil this past month:  
You know how when you are looking in a parking lot it's hard to find spots.  You have to drive up and down the rows just to see if there is an opening.  Well in Brazil...they have lights above the parking stalls that light up if there is an available spot.  You can see the lights from far away so you don't have to drive for ever looking for a spot.  Red: full... Green: open....Blue: handicapped...and Yellow:  pregnant mom's and mom's with small children 

Our Sea Can with all our stuff from home finally arrived.  It was an exciting day!  All my grandma toys, pool toys, and grandma supplies now the party can start.  Tiffany and her family are coming for 2 weeks at Christmas.

These are two of my little "sweeties" that are coming for Christmas :)

 Oh...yes these two "sweeties" as well!

 Bruce received a care parcel from his sister Karen.  He was one happy was a huge "Costco" sized bag of cheezies...his favorite!  

I got a great care parcel from my sweet mother-in-law and father-in-law. I haven't received a care parcel in years.  It was so fun!! It was full of things that are hard to find in Brazil cream of tarter for snickerdoodles, a lace shirt, a melon baller etc.    I was SPOILED!
Our ward put on a special Thanksgiving dinner in October(Canadian Thanksgiving) for us and Sis. Anderson (an American Missionary).  They had it decorated so nice and the food was amazing....turkey and all the fix'ins! They even had red and white plates (Canadian Colors). 

I thought this turkey was creative :)
They gave us these special soaps shaped like Brazil and Maple leafs for Canada.  I think Brazil and Canada look great together.  They were scented with a fruit that is only grown in Brazil.  They are the sweetest people!  They know how to make you feel loved and special!

We had zone conference on my birthday so I got to celebrate my birthday and got pampered all week long.  On Saturday I got breakfast in bed.  Instead of the usual eggs, pancakes and toast ....I got a chilled coconut and some chocolate ....of course :)  Bruce picked it up for me after his run with the assistants Saturday morning.  What a great surprise! 
 The assistants and office staff sang happy birthday(Brazilian Style) to me in the car and gave me the most delicious chocolates.  I had a hard time sharing with Bruce they were yummy :)  The said that they sang to me in the car so I wouldn't be tempted to hug them.   It was a good thing because I would have wanted to give them each a BIG hug.  I love these elders.
Last week Bruce and I went to a seminar in Recife.  It was for all the 34 Mission Presidents and wives.  It was a 3-4 day seminar with Elder Costa, Elder Mazzagardi, and Elder Aidukaitis presiding.  We learned so much and they planned a few fun activities as well.  This was Bruce's mission when he was 19 years was 35 years ago.  He was so excited to brought back tons of memories!

We went on a boat tour and looked at the sites in Recife with all the other mission presidents and wives.  The city is divided by these beautiful rivers.  
 Colorful buildings along the river...

  This is the beach that Bruce
 used to run on 35 years ago....he was in heaven.  He got up early every morning to run on this beach.

We couldn't swim in the ocean because they were have lots of shark attacks.  

Recife Temple

 Temple at night
 One day we all went to the temple...the Recife Temple was stunning.

This is the post office where he used to collect his letters each week.

The Area Presidency and all the Mission Presidents and wives went to this amazing Churrascaria that had all you can eat lobster and shrimp plus all the other wonderful endless food that a Churrascaria has to offer.   It was a great seminar and we were able to have a little bit of time to enjoy Bruce's old stomping grounds.